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Calming Music for Dogs

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7 Ways to Calm Your Pet Naturally

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The basis for a calm pet is to be calm yourself. If you are running around constantly on the go and stressed, your pet will pick up on your emotions, causing him/her stress. A good diet and exercise will help keep your pet calm and healthy. A pet enclosed all day will be excited and need a release. Provide some type of entertainment for your pet while away. There are lots of pet toys that exercise the mind.

  1. Blue Light: (My whole bedroom room is blue). You can pick up a blue light bulb almost anywhere and there is your calming room. Blue can stimulate the pituitary gland to produce calming hormones.
  2. Flower Essences: Pet Rescue Remedy is a blend that calms animals, quick-acting, safe and no side effects. Rescue Remedy can be put on dog’s lips or gums or put in water. Impatiens is a flower remedy that helps dogs relax also.
  3. Herbs: Calm Pet contains kava kava, chamomile, St. John’s wort, and Valerian root.
  4. Milk: Milk contains a natural chemical called tryptophan that tells the brain when to relax. Pets calm down when given warm milk, between 1/4 and 1/2 cup of milk according to holistic veterinarians. Oatmeal is also calming and good as a shampoo for sensitive skin.
  5. Soothing music or TV: If you are going out and leaving your dog alone or want to unwind with your pet, put on some relaxing soft music. If your pet is alone, TV is a good companion. I turn on Animal Planet for my dogs. (My foster likes Pit Bulls and Parolees).There are also DVD’s you can buy for your pets to watch.
  6. Essential Oil: Lavender and Citrus are strong smelling essential oils. Use a spray bottle and dilute 5 drops of oil in a cup of water. Do not spray near dog’s eyes.
  7. Magnet: (I have never tried this one). According to Dr. Stefanatos D.V.M. holistic veterinarian, hold a magnet on your pet’s forehead between the eyes for about 20 minutes or until your pet is calm. It readjusts the body’s electromagnetic field to help relieve anxiety attacks. Magnets can be bought from holistic veterinarian or pet supply catalog. (Don’t know why a regular magnet won’t work, but will check into this and update). Only found magnetic pet beds online.

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