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Loving, professional, and affordable pet care! My daughter and I care for your furry family member as if they were one of our own! Your loved one gets one on one attention in a cage-free and stress-free home environment. Pets are free to go where they are most comfortable. High-fenced yard. Daily walks and play time with our doggies and guests. Plenty of exercise, socialization and love! Dog-friendly dogs only and pets must be up to date on shots. We use positive reinforcement, rewarding good behavior, we do not punish bad behavior.

Pet Care Rates vary depend upon services and pet's needs, very reasonable, see Services & Rates. We are open 7 days a week with flexible hours in Spring Valley, CA. You are welcome to stop by and meet us! We encourage a meet and greet with you and your pet(s). Experienced with References. Cats and small animals welcome!  Member of San Diego Positive Pet Professionals.


Our love of animals inspired us to care for pets. Lexis is our Golden Retriever, belongs to The San Diego Golden Retriever Meetup Group and Heidi is our rescued Shih Tzu. It is important for dogs to have walks, exercise, companionship and of course love; it keeps pets healthy, socialized and happy. I write another pet care blog.

We are animal welfare activists and cannot stand to see animals mistreated or neglected. One of my passions is spreading awareness about “ pit bulls” and ending their bad rep. Pit Bulls are used as service dogs, therapy dogs and even detection dogs for the Milwaukee PD. They used to be America’s sweetheart, remember Petey on Lil Rascals? I have owned several and they make great family pets! Much depends on the way a dog is raised and some depends on genetics! Actually, pit bull is not a breed , but dogs that are lumped together with the same characteristics and traits. Bull dogs are often mistaken for pit bulls, among many other breeds. Play FIND THE PIT BULL for fun. 

DOG BREED SELECTOR- Search for a certain type of dog to fit your lifestyle or look up a particular breed.

I am certified to practice Reiki (Universal/Spiritual Energy) Japanese system of healing and relieving stress for people and animals. I use mainly on dogs and cats, animals are more receptive to the energy than people. Everyone has access to this energy. Reiki energy does not come from me but through me from the Divine Source (whatever your higher power is). Reiki is not a religion, goes where it is needed most and used for physical and emotional healing; cannot harm pets and is non-intrusive. The purpose is to be a channel for Reiki energy and to “let go” and trust Reiki!

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 ANIMAL REIKI with Kathleen Prasad



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