Services and Rates

MEET & GREET~We encourage owners/parents to stop by to have our pets meet. Owners should be as comfortable as pets. FREE Consultation. No Obligation.

You and your pet(s) are invited into my home to get to know each other. My pets are put away so your pet can sniff and get comfortable in their new surroundings. I bring out my dogs one at a time and introduce slowly. My Golden first, she is the most patient and tolerant. Sadly, my Lexi, golden retriever was put to sleep September 6, 2013. Then my Shih Tzu, who is very friendly, but will show another dog boundaries quickly, but not aggressively. We have a blind Shih Tzu as well who is friendly after much work and love. Our newest family member is a lab mix that was my foster dog and adopted December 2013. The meet and greet is free and with no obligations.

DAYCARE~Lots of love. Calm cage-free home environment. Flexible hours while you're at work. One on one care, feeding, play time and walks. Long or short term. Socialization with pets and humans. Fenced yard. 24/7 supervision  Dogs~$15 per day    Puppies~$20       Cats~$10 per day

OVERNIGHT CARE~Lots of love. Cage-free. Long or short term. One on one care, feeding, play time and walks. Call any time to check on your pet or have updates sent to you. Socialization with pets and humans. Fenced yard. 24/7 supervision     Dogs~$20 per day/night    Puppies ~$25 per day/night       Cats~$15 per day/night

CARE IN YOUR HOME~Serving East County (Spring Valley, El Cajon, Lemon Grove, Lakeside, Santee), Chula Vista, National City, Bonita~$15 per visit (love,feed,water,walk, playtime), $5 more each additional pet, $.40 per mile~xtras included~bring in mail, water plants, waste removal. Overnight care~call for more information.

BATHS~Flea or regular baths. Oatmeal shampoo for sensitive skin. Dried and brushed out.            Small Dogs~$12      Large Dogs~$18  

NAIL TRIM     Dogs and Cats~$10

Small ANIMALS~Hamsters, guinea pigs or bunnies. $10 per day

Rates charged in 24 hr increments for 2 or more days, over 24, 48, etc. additional charge.  You are not charged until your pet has been here 24 hours. PAY FOR A DAY, GET A DAY OF SERVICE! 

Discounts~(Except for Holidays) Two week stay~10% discount. Three week stay~15% discount. Four week stay~20% discount.  $5 off additional pet(s) per day.

Additional Charge~administration of medication or any other extra care your pet may require. 

REIKI~I am certified to practice Reiki, Japanese system using Spiritual (Universal) Energy to heal and relieve stress using hands on or near pet. Reiki cannot harm your pet and is non-intrusive. FREE 30-60 minute treatment for all guests with owner's and pet's permission. See video.

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